JCH Street Pan 400 Black and White Negative Film, 35mm 36 exp.

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Full of character and versatile, the JCH StreetPan is a contrasty panchromatic black and white film. The very fine graininess and the high speed make this film an ideal for use in a wide range of weather conditions. Due to its sensitivity to red light, JCH StreetPan 400 is the optimum film for dawn, dusk and winter photography.

The spectral sensitivity is extended in the near infrared range of the energy spectrum (panchromatic up to 750 nm). Due to the reduced scattering by the atmosphere, images are sharp and well edged. The near IR sensitivity and the strong response to red light allow for nocturne red flash photography as well as daylight photography. The film sensitivity can vary with processing. JCH StreetPan 400 can be exposed as a 200 to 500 ASA/ISO film and the image contrast can be controlled by the processing parameters. JCH StreetPan 400 can be processed as a low contrast film for good weather photography and as a medium contrast film for bad weather photography.


  • Panchromatic black and white negative film
  • 35mm/36 exp.
  • Can be exposed as a 200 to 500 ISO film
  • Near-IR sensitized
  • High contrast and sharpness
  • Ideal for low-light situations

Development times:

R09 One Shot (Rodinal) 1 + 25 10:30
R09 One Shot (Rodinal) 1 + 50 22:00
R09 Spezial / Studional 1 + 15 8:30
R09 Spezial / Studionial 1 + 31 17:00
Rollei Supergrain 1 + 12 7:00
Rollei RLS (ISO 200/24°) 1 + 4 14:30 (24°)
Ilford Ilfosol 3 1 + 3 5:00
Illord ID-11 / Kodak D-76 1 +1 10:50
Ilford Perceptol 1 + 1 10:00
Kodak HC-110 B (1+31) 5:00
Kodak X-Tol 1 + 1 17:00
Tanol (ISO 200/24°) 1 + 1 + 100 19:30
T-max Dev 1+4 at 20c 9:00

Storage and handling: Load and unload film in subdued light. Store unexposed film in a refrigerator at 13°C (55°F) or lower in the original sealed package. To avoid moisture condensation on film that has been refrigerated, allow the film to warm up to room temperature before opening the package. Process film as soon as possible after exposure. Protect processed film from strong light, and store it in a cool, dry place.


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