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Analog Forever Magazine Edition 2
Summer 2020

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  • 2nd Edition
  • 8" x 10”
  • 125+ pages
  • 200+ Images
  • Super Smooth Uncoated 176gsm Paper
  • Soft Touch Matte Laminate Cover
  • Perfect Bound
  • ISBN: 978-1-7341517-3-2

Product Details

Analog Forever Magazine Edition 2 is the second print publication, a 154-page journal featuring 10 analog and experimental photographers from around the globe - from Europe and Great Britain to the USA and Japan- each exploring various methods for using the medium we love in individual, creative ways.

Inside you will find interviews with Nika De Carlo, who dives deep into the emotional trenches of her and her partner’s war on addiction, recovery, trauma, and healing as she discusses her intimate and brutally honest documentary project and visual diary “See You In Heaven”.

Sarah Christianson discusses her investigations into the effects of oil drilling and fracking operations in her home state of North Dakota.

Jenny Sampson’s series “Skate Girls” discusses the rich culture of female skateboarders using the wet plate collodion process to display the endless camaraderie, openness, and creativity between the “Skate Like a Girl” movement that embraces and makes you wonder, is this truly “rebellion”?

Michael Kenna converses with us about his 46+ career as a photographer that started with humble beginnings as a young boy in the north of England that, driven by hard work and dedication, has led him to becoming a world-renowned master printmaker and photographer.

In addition to in-depth interviews, the magazine  highlights six other photographic artists that deserve praise for their unique and ambitious work. Featured artists include: Diana Bloomfield, Liz Albert, Yukimi Akiba, Ashly Stohl, Luca Tombolini and Stig Marlon Weston

In sum, Analog Forever Magazine, Edition 2 will embark readers on a photographic journey around the world through ten different artists’ eyes. Through this publication, you will be transported from artists’ private and commercial studios to the empty and hopeless surroundings of opioid infested New York while visiting the recent scars and perils of North Dakota’s latest oil boom. On your way, you will stop to gaze into the beautiful vast wilderness of the world and surreal otherworldly dreamscapes only found on other planets. You will have the opportunity to explore the minds and collections of abstract, experimental, documentary, and landscape photographers that are as unique as they are brilliant.

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