Black & White Processing Bundle - Df96, Developing Tank with Funnel & Film Reels

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"The darkroom just got a whole lot simpler!"

This kit is the easiest starter bundle you will find for getting into traditional film photography for the first time, and at an unbeatable price! Never need to depend on a lab and enjoy the magic of  film development first hand.

Df96 “Developer&Fix” B&W Monobath, Single-Step Solution (liquid or powder)

Processes 16+ rolls of B&W film with just one chemical! Processing all of your B&W film at home is easier than ever with this 1 simple ready-to-use solution or powder concentrate. This versatile Single-Step “Developer&Fix” monobath solution is perfect for processing CineStill BwXX along with any other black & white film in as little as 3 minutes, with no need for stop bath, fixer or any other chemicals. All you need is a processing tank and rinse water. Download Df96 Complete PDF Instructions

Universal Developing Tank w/ Funnel + 2 Film Reels

The Paterson Universal Tank holds two reels set to 35mm or a single reel set to 120/220 film. It comes with two multi-format reels for 35mm, 126, 127, 120, or 220 rolls. Use inversion agitation with the large rubber lid, or rotary agitation with the removable agitator rod.

The removable funnel/light-trap works perfectly with the Df96 Monobath, since after a single-step it's safe to remove light trap and funnel solution back into the bottle for reuse. 


Download Df96 Complete PDF Instructions

Processing 16+ Different B&W Films With Just One Chemical! Df96

No Compromises - Df96 compared with popular traditional developers

Download Df96 Liquid Safety Data Sheet

Download Df96 Powder Safety Data Sheet

Photochemical Waste Management

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