Mastin Labs is Throwing You a Party! February 25 2015

Get 50% OFF!

Visit the Mastin Labs booth 1706 and get a unique code for 50% all of our products.

Mastin Labs creates the most accurate and easy to use film presets on the market. Our presets give you perfect skin tones and are never muddy or flat. Hand crafted from real film scans from a Fuji Frontier scanner, we give you the highest level of accuracy, while making the presets super easy to use: 3 clicks and you are done!

Now you can shoot as much film or digital as you want (or can afford) and get the consistency you need for your clients and publication.

To see how our presets can transform your photography click here.

When you purchase a ticket for the Silver Rush Party you are also entered to win 1 of 5 Mastin Labs Combo Preset Packs (includes Fuji Pro, Portra, and Ilford B&W Preset Packs) worth a total of $357!