Announcing Silver Rush 2015 Location at "Drai's On-The-Strip" February 11 2015

Silver Rush Party is excited to announce that THE PARTY of 2015 will be held at Drai's Beach Club & Nightclub! Located on the roof of the The Cromwell Hotel and Casino, Drai's is the hottest club in Vegas. This is the premiere club on the strip and only a short stroll down Las Vegas Boulevard from the MGM Grand. This place is going to blow... your... mind! With it's immersive rooftop views of the Las Vegas strip, sick light shows and rockin' sound system, this goovin' dance floor will perfectly contrast the sterile trade show floor! Get your tickets today!

We have some really exciting things planned for you, so come out, have a drink and tear up that dance floor! Get ready for the best party of your life! Vegas style!