Silver Rush Party 2015 Tickets NOW Available! January 23 2015

Pre-sale tickets for Silver Rush 2015 in Las Vegas are now available! Get your general admission tickets at reduced cost NOW at the Silver Rush tickets page! They are selling like hotcakes and will almost definitely sell out before WPPI so grab them quick. This party is going to be even bigger, badder and hotter than last year! Pre-sale general admission tickets are currently reduced to $25 for the first 200 tickets, through January 31st and then for $35 while supplies last! Tickets will be $50 at the door!

The party will start at 9:30pm sharp Monday, March 2nd, 2015 at a secret location to be announced over twitter Monday morning. We are excited about this year's new location! It is going to be just fabulous for mixin' maxim' and dancin' your pretty little heart away but most importantly, even inebriated walking distance from trade show, MGM Grand and your hotels on the strip!

So follow @SilverRushParty on twitter now! Also, follow us on Instagram @SilverRushParty for other fun updates and giveaways!

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