Dress for Instants! Photo Booth by Instax and Instaprooofs! March 01 2014

Throughout the night at Club SilverRush, Fujifilm is providing a unique custom instant photo booth experience, designed especially for photographers. So be sure to look your best for when you step out of the limousine (or party bus) and onto the the red carpet. Countless photographers will be there (with their preferred Instax camera in hand) to capture the moment. And you will be able to return the favor, instantly! 


Fujifilm is providing a dizzying array of their analog Instax cameras and films for your shooting pleasure at the Instax Photo Booth where you will get goof off, play around with cool cameras and take away some one-of-a-kinda instant photographic prints! Instaproofs will also have setup custom instant scanners to quickly digitize your analog moments, ready to share with the interweb masses!

Plus, all of the images from the red carpet, photo booth, Private Party moments, Major Highlights, General Shenanigans and Brouhaha, will be available for viewing on the proofing site, custom designed by Instaproofs. 


In addition to all the instant photos from the party, Indie Film Lab will also be processing and scanning all of the Kodak & CineStill film shot throughout the evening just as instantaneously! Beginning Saturday, there will be full featured galleries for all the film stocks provided by our generous sponsors, massively discounted auto-fulfill prints from Richard Photo Lab, and free downloads powered by Instaproofs! Be sure to check them all out here