Lee Koch Trio at Club Silver Rush! February 28 2014

    There are so many surprises that we are dying to share with you, but some just need to be leaked! Lee Koch (pronounced "Cook") is a native southern California singer/songwriter, who was weaned as a musician by standing in with jam bands. Unlike Dylan, who artfully blew in his mouth harp with sitting songwriter folk to serenade beatniks in NYC cafes, Lee learned how to bend reeds with energy and precision to resuscitate jaded scenesters and yuppies. Not only does he know how to get a room moving, but his soulful americana songwriting will touch your heart and loins. ;-) Lee has found inspiration in his humble beginnings and a passion for connecting with listeners (lyrically and sonically) that could only be correlated with improvisational blues and funkin-funky-funk-rock-n-roll! :-)

    The Lee Koch Trio wields guitar, harmonica, violin and drums to deliver impactful original music. Their live performances are known to lift up, shake down, and send you off with a new sound in your head.