The Silver Rush VIP and Media Lounge by PHOTOFOCUS - Party in Style! February 15 2014


The "VIP and Media Lounge" - hosted by Melissa Niu and - will be an intimate private space (boasting a VIP restroom and other luxurious amenities) where VIP ticket holders can rendezvous, socialize and refresh themselves away from the crowds during the festivities of the party. Throughout the night, VIP and Media Lounge host, Melissa Niu (editor and co-owner of will be in the lounge conducting brief interviews with top wedding photographers, hosts and other VIP persons of interest... possibly even you!

Exclusive party perks and VIP "Swag" provided by Silver Rush Party sponsors will also be located in the lounge and may be collected or stored there safely before making your exit or until final rug has been cut.

A limited quantity of VIP tickets are currently still available for purchase for those who wish to escape the dancing crowds and rub elbows with who knows who, while enjoying a variety of other exclusive VIP benefits. There will be a number of other VIP access only areas throughout the speakeasy, where VIP ticket holders can enjoy the revelries in added comfort and prestige. ;)

Be sure to select the "VIP Tickets" option when reserving your tickets!