Holiday Gift Guide 2021

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The CineStill Holiday Gift Guide is just in time for last minute gifts and stocking stuffers for the analog lovers in your life!

This week is the last chance to order from the CineStill Store and get your gifts of film, starter kits, and bundles for the holidays. Order by Friday and we'll ship in time for Christmas! And if you aren't sure what to get, Gift Cards are available too!


CineStill BwXX 35mm

CineStill 50D 120

CineStill Icon Enamel Pin 

CineStill Pom-Pom Beanie

CineStill Df96 Monobath, 1000mL

°CS Collapsible Accordion Storage Bottle

Traditional B&W Processing Bundle

Sebastian Kortmann Zine 02

Cassette/Bottle Opener


CineStill 50D 35mm

Ilford FP4 PLUS 125 35mm

Fuji Acros 100 II 35mm

Kodak Funsavers 35mm Single-Use Camera

CineStill JOBO MONO Kit

Japan Camera Hunter
35mm Film Case

ars-imago LAB-BOX Daylight Developing Tank

Skier Sunray Box III Camera Scanning Bundle

Harman EZ-35 35mm Reusable Camera


CineStill 800T 120

Ilford Delta 100 120

JCH Steet Pan 400 120

CineStill JOBO DUO Kit (On Sale!)

Kodak Film Case for 35mm and 120 Film

Print File Medium Format Archival Preservers

VALOI 360 Basic Bundle

Skier Foldable Copy Stand

Negative Supply 4x5 Basic LED 99 CRI

Kodak Professional PORTRA 160, 4x5

Ilford HP5 PLUS 400, 4x5

CineStill Large Film Changing Bag

Stearman 4x5 B&W Processing Bundle

CineStill Cs41 2-Bath Kit

Skier Sunray Box III 135+120+4x5 Camera Scanning Bundle

D9 DynamicChrome 3-Bath E-6 Kit, 1000mL

Kodak Professional Ektachrome E100, 120

AP 35mm Archival Slide Mounts, 100 Pack

Kaiser 35mm Film Retriever

CineStill JOBO TRIO Film Processing Bundle

AP Handheld Slide Viewer

Skier Sunray Box III Camera Scanning Box + Slide Holder for 35mm

Negative Supply 4x5 Basic LED 99 CRI

Print File Archival 35mm Slide Preservers


Give the gift of analog this holiday season. Find savings on the latest in camera scanning technology, film processing, and more — only at

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